It’s inevitable this time of year that these pesky creatures infiltrate the outdoors right when the temperature beckons us to enjoy more outside activities – frustrating to those of us who tend to be their targets (Did you know only the females bite?)!  Yes, you can try different pesticides, but there are some natural remedies you might want to consider, as well…


Of course, you’ll want to eliminate areas with stagnant water, cut back tall grasses, and do what you can to maximize sun exposure to areas where moisture tends to build up. has a great article outlining How to Control Mosquitoes in Outdoor Areas.


And did you know there are several mosquito-repellent plants that will ward off the blood-suckers?  Enhance your garden with these fragrant beauties while protecting you and your loved ones from the itchy-scratchy pests!  has outlined 12 Plants and Herbs That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes.


Hopefully some combination of the tips above will ensure you have a mosquito-free outdoor season!